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"Learning never exhausts the mind."

Leonardo da Vinci

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Whether you are searching for professional training and development, CDA credential preparation, parent workshops or hands on learning experiences for students, The Carey Institute can make it happen! Our trainers and instructors have a wealth of experience and education to offer teachers, caregivers and parents broadening their thinking and understanding about children's learning and development.

Some of our workshop and training topics include:

  • CDA Initial and Renewal Training

  • CDA Completion Clinic - If you have 120 hours, this 5-part session will help you through the remaining CDA preparation process

  • A Discussion About Center Leadership - Who's in Charge Here?

  • It's Your Classroom! Integrating Center Licensing Rules and Teaching

  • Classroom Basics - Six Ohio Approved (OA) sessions that will lead center staff to classroom success (21.5 hours)

  • Don't Lose Your Stars - Maintaining Your Quality Rating

  • Common Non-Compliance Findings and How to Avoid Them

  • SitterSense (A Guide to Babysitting) Youth Session ages 12 years - 17 years   

The Carey Institute customizes workshop topics to creatively guide and support your learning and professional development. EVENING AND SATURDAY SESSIONS AVAILABLE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE - CONTACT US TODAY!


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