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Classroom Basics - 3.5 Ohio Approved Hour Sessions 

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ABC's of ECE - Explore Early Childhood terminology, knowledge and information that supports successful communication.

Understanding Early Childhood Code of Ethics - Outlines the professional principles that govern EC Educators.

Understanding Culture, Diversity and Disability - Exploring and including culture, diversity and disability in the classroom.

Collaborating with Families in Your Classroom - Learn techniques to successfully build partnerships with families

Daily Schedules, Transitions and Classroom Planning - Learn key classroom components, concepts and requirements.

Exploring and Incorporating Developmental Domains - Learn and explore the major domains including ELDS.

Don't Lose Your Stars

(This session is NOT Ohio Approved - but highly recommended)

Get your center staff the child care rules and licensing training they need to avoid Moderate and Serious Risk Non-Compliance inspection findings and help support your SUTQ Star Rating!  


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