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The Carey Connection

The Carey Connection is a non-profit organization that connects services and support for children, families and caregivers. The organization works to create hubs of services (profit and non-profit) that benefit children’s well-being, social development and quality education; links parents to helpful and meaningful resources and partnerships and establishes sound foundations and knowledge based platforms for caregivers, teachers and educators.


Mission Statement

To inspire and build connections that creates immediate and meaningful change in the lives of children, families and caregivers.


How We Work

The Carey Connection seeks volunteers, grants or donations to support efforts that will create opportunities for children, families and caregivers. To connect services, The Carey Connection works to create a connection of two or more organizations that make the commitment to join forces and work for the advancement of children, families or caregivers.

The Carey Connection works diligently to create ideas for programs and find innovative ways to ensure our mission is met and a difference is made in the lives of children, families and caregivers.


Join Us

Want to become a part of a meaningful experience or partnership that benefits children, families or caregivers? 

 Contact us today at 

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